A protective dad just issued a strong threat to Nick Kyrgios for partying with his daughter.

Generally, it seems that very little can ruffle the feathers of Nick Kyrgios, but he clearly hasn’t met Lawrence Samways, the overprotective father of Chelsea Samways, one of the young women the tennis star was spotted out with earlier this week.

“Chelsea’s grounded,” Lawrence told The Daily Mail after images of his daughter out on the town with Kyrgios and another female tennis player, Monique Belovukovic, were blasted around the world this week.

“My daughter is only 18 and a sweet girl. She’s been out all times of the night. I don’t like it. So I’ve taken her car away. She won’t be going out like that again,” Lawrence continued.

nick kyrgios london
Chelsea Samways. Source: Instagram.

Clearly, Kyrgios is yet to learn that hell hath no fury like an overprotective father.

Lawrence also said that until he saw the photos, he had no idea that his daughter, who is also on the professional tennis circuit, had even sneaked out that night -- least of all with 22-year-old Kyrgios, who had dropped out during the first round of Wimbledon earlier that day.

"I had no idea she was going out with Kyrgios. Like all young tennis players, she knows the others on the circuit and she is friends with Monique [Belovukovic]. And she [Monique Belovukovic] knows Kyrgios.”


The father reasoned that he didn't want "any of that nonsense" clouding his daughter's career, going so far as to say he'd "like to knock him (Kyrgios) out".

“Chelsea has been playing tennis since she was four years old. She is very committed. She’s done everything to get to the top of her sport – training, exercise, diet."

The 18-year-old has also been awarded a tennis scholarship to a Florida University, which she will undertake later this year.

nick kyrgios london
Chelsea Samways. Source: Instagram.

But we have one big question - how exactly does Lawrence plan to ground his adult daughter?

Because even if he does revoke her car, there's still Uber, Lyft and the traditional taxi. Maybe he'll have to revoke spending money or inflict a curfew, but if this week's images are anything to go by, it doesn't seem like that works either.

And as any parent of a teenager will know, where there's a will to break curfew and grounded rules, there's always a way.

All we can say it, take note and keep your hands to yourself, Kyrgios.

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