Russian socialite slammed for complaining the Nice attack ruined her yacht trip.

While the entire world mourns today for the loss of 84 innocent people, one Russian socialite by the name of Kristina Sysoeva seemed only preoccupied with the ill-timed act of terror. You see, it seemed to ruin her holiday.

When interviewed by LifeNews shortly after the attack took place, 35-year-old Kristina said “I’m doing well, but it’s a pity they cancelled the fireworks [because of the terror attack].”

I kid you not.

Kristina Sysoeva on the water. Image: Facebook.

The seaside city of Marseille was set to host a spectacular fireworks display that evening in honour of Bastille Day, but these were cancelled shortly after the attack.

Kristina, the ex of British billionaire Giles Mackay, had hired a yacht with her friends in order to get the best view, but they were asked to bring the boat back to shore when the events at Nice took a devastating turn.

The terror attack on Nice has sparked an outcry of grief. Post continues after video.

To explain the situation, Kristina said, “We were having dinner, and then a French guy came in and told us there was a terror attack, so we had to go back to shore."

“And we were upset because we wanted to watch fireworks, but this bad thing happened and everything was cancelled!”

What a darn shame. Image: Facebook.

Again, no mention of the loss of human life and chaos surrounding her. Only the fireworks.

When asked if she was at all frightened at the time, she only replied that she she has two bodyguards at all times to protect her million dollar jewellery and therefore was unconcerned.

Needless to say her comments went viral today and she has since retracted her comments, apologising for not "assessing the situation better."