NEWS: Jill Meagher's killer had a history of violent sex crimes.

A court reporter’s depiction of Adrian Bayley.




Adrian Bayley, the man who has pleaded guilty to the rape and murder of Melbourne woman Jill Meagher, had a history of sexual violence that stretched over a decade.

This morning the Supreme Court of Victoria lifted suppression orders on this case, meaning that Adrian Bayley’s disturbing past – which includes conviction as a rapist convicted on multiple accounts – has been revealed.

To think that the violent death of this young woman in a Brunswick backstreet could have been prevented, is sickening in the extreme.

It turns out that Bayley was not only known to police, but had committed similar crimes in the past (which thankfully had not resulted in the victims’ deaths). Unbelievably, it also appears that Bayley should have been prison at the time he killed Meagher.

Jill Meagher

Bayley broke a 20-year-old man’s jaw in Geelong in 2011, while still on parole for earlier sex-related crimes. He had previously served eight years in prison for rapes committed against sex workers between 2000-2001, also in the St Kilda area.

It is currently unclear why Bayley was not considered to have breached his parole, when he bashed the man in Geelong. Surely, given his violent past, this means he should have been in jail by the time he raped and killed Ms Meagher in September of last year?

Mamamia will keep readers updated on this case in the coming days. But sadly, it seems that the terrible ordeal Ms Meagher’s family have gone through, is a very, very long way from over.