9 Wednesday news bites. (Sep 21).


1. Ruby Rose appears naked on the cover of Maxim

Maxim will release their October issue tomorrow, featuring a naked Ruby Rose on the cover.

The model and MTV presenter appears in a 10-page feature inside the magazine, wearing nothing more “than an assortment of wigs”. The feature was conducted in conjunction with animal rights group PETA with Rose declaring she would rather “spend a week being naked and vulnerable in public” than wear fur.

2. McDonald’s loses the Heart Foundation tick of approval

The Heart Foundation has announced McDonald’s products will no longer carry the healthy food tick. The foundation’s chief executive said the move was not a criticism of the fast food outlet, but said the program was changing direction to concentrate on ingredients delivered to restaurants and food outlets. McDonalds has previously paid around $300,000 a year for the past five years to display the tick on some of its salads and burgers. The tick will continue to be displayed on food products in supermarkets.

3. Alleged rapist priest tells Parish of suffering

The Catholic priest named under Parliamentary privilege as the molester of an Anglican Archbishop more than 40-years-ago has written to his Parish telling of his anguish. Monsignor Ian Dempsey, on planned leave for a month, wrote: “The past year has been very challenging to my emotional and physical health. Jesus suffered injustice, St Mary of the Cross MacKillop suffered injustice. I am innocent of these allegations and pray daily the truth will eventually be revealed.” Archbishop John Hepsworth, who has accused Ian Dempsey as being one of the men who molested him, said he would prefer the accusations be dealt with by the Catholic Church.

Pant suit? Not so successful says one study...

4. In business, skirts are better than pant suits

A study of 300 people asked to give ‘snap judgments’ of women wearing skirts and pant suits revealed skirts were most often picked as the attire of the ‘most successful’ woman. All facial features of the women were removed and both the suits and skirts were navy and made from the same fabric. Now, the question is, why the skirt? Is it less threatening than a pant suit?

5. Speaking of business: India, China performing better for high powered women

You’d think one of the world’s strongest democracies (that’s us, believe it or not) would be faring well in business for women at the top of their game. Not quite. 30 per cent of senior management positions in China are filled by women who also graduate from universities at nearly the same rate as men. In India, where women are prejudiced, nearly 11 per cent of CEO positions are held by women. In Australia? That’s just three per cent.


6. Northern Territory Priest blesses asylum seekers, possibly frees them

Father Paul Webb, a Catholic priest administering mass to some Christian asylum seekers in the Top End, has been questioned by police after three of them went missing during the service. “Good on ’em! If I had my way, I’d throw open the doors of the detention centre and say, ‘Out you go’. I don’t suppose that attitude will win me too many friends.”

Suri Cruise and her heels.

7. Suri Cruise starts school, controversy follows

There’s always chatter when a Cruise is involved and this time it’s Suri, who is five. The youngster started school with a bodyguard in tow and wearing ‘high’ heels. You can see for yourself. She’s apparently quite the fashionista on campus and has a wonderful use of ‘colour and space’ if some ‘sources’ are to be believed.

8. Wayne Swan named ‘International Treasurer of the Year’

Finance magazine Euromoney gave the accolade to the Deputy Prime Minister mostly for his ‘stewardship’ during the Global Financial Crisis. But the magazine made clear it didn’t think Mr Swan had single-handedly saved the nation’s finances. “Swan has undoubtedly been blessed with a number of advantages, including inheriting a sound economy and the natural resources bounty that has allowed Australian trade with China in particular to boom.

9. Google wallet: the way of the future?

It’s here. Google has just launched an Android app in the United States which allows users to use their phone as a single point of payment. Just swipe the phone and type your pin. The app uses what is known as Near Field Communications (NFC) to enable money to be debited from your designated bank account. It’s not known whether the upcoming iPhone 5 will have the technology. Of course, there’s always increased privacy and data protection concerns (lost phones, anyone?) but this is the first time a major corporation has thrown its weight behind the technology so it will be interesting to see what happens.