The week in pics: Barbie with tatts and photoshop fails (Oct 21)

Is Muammar Gaddafi dead?

1. Libya’s Gaddafi is dead

UPDATE: The death of Gaddafi has now been confirmed. The ‘mad dog’ dictator was attempting to flee his hometown in a convoy of jeeps which was halted by a French airstrike. He crawled into a drainage / sewer pipe, wounded, and was cornered by rebels before pleading to one ‘what did I ever do to you’? He was shot in the leg and chest after pleading for rebels to hold their fire. President Obama said his death marked the end of a ‘long and painful chapter’ for Libya. British PM David Cameron said: “I think today is a day to remember all of Colonel Gaddafi’s victims”, including those who died in the 1988 bombing of a Pan Am jet over the Scottish town of Lockerbie.” The rebels now claim ‘every inch’ of Libya has been liberated.

2. First asylum boat since Malaysia deal falls through ‘Liberals fault’: PM

A boatload of 51 asylum seekers, mostly Iraqis and Iranians, rests on the head of the Opposition, says the Prime Minister. Ms Gillard said Tony Abbott ‘denied our country’ the chance to stop more boats coming by sending arrivals to Malaysia. Mr Abbott was, by way of his Party’s vote, the man responsible for ensuring onshore processing of asylum seekers was the only way to move forward. This topic is discussed in depth tonight on Mamamia on Sky News as Mia chats to two refugees and the panel discuss the new reality … and how we got here.

3. Jones backtracks on Prime Minister ‘chaff bag’ comment

Broadcaster Alan Jones, who once said the Prime Minister Julia Gillard should be put in a ‘chaff bag and thrown out to sea’, (almost) apologised for the remark during an address to the National Press Club yesterday in which he also said Queensland had an addiction to mining. He said: ”Sometimes … when you’re going at 100 miles an hour these things are said … we don’t always say things that are fair and where we don’t I think we should be big enough to admit that they were better left unsaid.”

4. Foreign Affairs named Bali boy on drugs charges … after media did.


It was labelled as a ‘stuff-up’ by a Liberal Senator but the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has yet to apologise. The 14-year-old boy, held in Bali on marijuana possession charges but not yet convicted, was named in a transcript of a radio segment broadcast by 3AWs Neil Mitchell in Melbourne which was then posted on to Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd’s ministerial website. DFAT Secretary Dennis Richardson said he would take advice on whether the name should be removed but wasn’t sure what difference it would make, he said, given that the media had widely circulated the boy’s name since the early days of the case.

Crystal Harris: Runaway Bride

5. Hugh Hefner’s ex-fiancee flogs his ring … for half price

Crystal Harris, the Playboy playmate who left the empire’s founder Hefner days before his wedding, has auctioned the ring for a little more than $45,000. Hefner paid around $90,000 for the ring to begin with. Harris had reportedly tried to return the ring to Hefner but he declined.

6. Real life Facebook ‘horror movie’

A film-maker has made an online short film which asks users – you, if you so choose – to ‘take this lollipop’ which taps into your Facebook account and throws up all of your information in movie scenes that show just how much of yourself you are putting out there for all the world – and some creepy people – to see. Jason Zada, the director behind the website, said he made ‘very, very clear’ decisions not to store your data after the session has expired but wanted to show people how much trust they are placing in a company they don’t control. Want to try it? Go for it. I did last night and it was genuinely unsettling.

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