News anchor loses himself dancing to Taylor Swift on air. Co-host is not impressed.


There’s a video going viral that’s a little bit heaven.

It shows a US news anchor randomly bursting into dance to Taylor Swift’s hit Shake it Off during a break in filming, to the stern disapproval of his co-host.

In what could be the most (hilariously) annoying behaviour by a work colleague ever, 59News anchor Dan Thorn unleashes a dance-off — and his co-host, Sarah Pisciuneri is Not. Impressed.

It’s like Anchorman meets Hairspray, and we can’t stop watching.

Our favourite bit is when Ms Pisciuneri blanks her errant co-anchor with the iciest of stares 00:13. Take a look at that serious shade-throwing:

Shake it off, lady. Shake it off.

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