When a stray dog interrupted their wedding, the bride and groom did the most gorgeous thing.


Marilia Pieroni and Matheus Martins, newlyweds from Brazil, have adopted a stray dog who gatecrashed their wedding.

Dr Chris Brown shared their heartwarming story on his Facebook page on Thursday.

“Most couples hope their wedding day runs smoothly with no surprises. But when a stray dog interrupted this wedding, the bride and groom did the most beautiful thing,” he began his post.

newlyweds adopt dog
Marilia and Matheus with Snoop. Image via Facebook.

Dr Brown explained how with "rain pouring down" and guests "trying to shoo him away", the dog walked straight up the aisle and "plonked himself" on Marilia's dress right as she was exchanging vows with Matheus.


The dog hung around the couple at the reception for a couple of hours before disappearing into the night.

Marilia and Matheus' response will melt your bloomin' heart.

newlyweds adopt dog
Snoop gate-crashing the wedding. Image via Facebook.

"The couple felt such a connection to the pup that they enlisted the local community to help them find him. A week later, the runaway pup was located on a street corner," Dr Brown explained in his post.

"Then in a beautiful gesture, they adopted 'Snoop'. And giving this street dog a new life surely beats anything on the gift registry. Well done guys."

Holy lord that IS GORGEOUS.

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