Newlywed couple has had all their wedding gifts stolen.

When Kayleigh and James Webb got married a week ago, they imagined they were returning home to start their lives together.

Instead, they’ve lived through a horror story.

On Thursday morning, thieves broke into the couple’s South-East Melbourne home and stole the entire contents of their Wishing Well which they were planning on using to take a holiday together in the future.

The empty wishing well. Image via Channel 7 News.

Their car keys, Playstation and jewellery were also stolen, with James' wedding ring among the missing items.

'Everything's just been taken and we feel very violated,' Ms Webb told Channel 7.

More worryingly, police have told the couple that the crime is similar to others committed by the notorious Melbourne Apex gang.

Kayleigh and James have moved in with family for the time being, too afraid to return to their home.

They've also started a GoFundMe campaign in an attempt to regain some of their losses.

'I thank anyone in advance for any support in helping us start our marriage off the right way and not in fear, emptiness and heart broken,' Ms Webb said.