"Welcome to the world, ya massive newborn." Queensland baby breaks record.

“Welcome to the world and the family ya massive newborn,” a proud Queensland father has posted to Facebook, alongside an image from the birth of his baby who weighed 6.02 kilograms at birth.

It’s a number that makes Maisie Lily Macdonald the biggest baby to be ever be born at Rockhampton Hospital (and she was a week early!), and the third largest baby ever to be born in the state.

“Weighing in at 13 pound 4 ounces (6.020 kg), she claims the record of biggest baby born at Rockhampton hospital,” Maisie’s father Mason Macdonald wrote on Facebook.

Mason, too, was a record breaker. He was part of the first twins ever born at Dysart Hospital in Central Queensland, The Rockhampton Morning Bulletin reports.

Maisie, born to mother Makaela Kirkby, has a 17-month-old sister Aubree Rose who was also a big baby, weighing 11.5lbs (5.2kg) at birth.

Typically babies born at full term will weigh between 2.75-4kg, according to

The biggest baby to be ever born in Queensland was Oliver Stokes, who weighed 6.76kg when he was born in 2013. He was closely followed by Jake McGuire (6.04kg in 2015), News Corp reports.

And, finally, there’s little (though really rather big) Maisie in third place.

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