Baby born in a toilet bowl to a mum who never knew she was pregnant.

A newborn baby has been rescued from the depths of a toilet bowl after her mother unknowingly gave birth.

The Sun reports the young mum in her 20s, from East China’s Jiangsu Province, claimed she did not know she was pregnant when she began to experience stomach pains earlier this month. The young mum said she was “too afraid to approach” the newborn baby.

Officers were called to the woman’s apartment, where she was found pale and weak after giving birth.

Footage subsequently released by authorities of the moment officers discover the baby shows a policeman entering the toilet, muttering “my god, my god” as he spots the newborn down the toilet.

The video continues to follow the police officer, who then leaves the apartment and takes the baby to the Nanjing Maternity and Child Health Care Hospital nearby.

Fortunately, The Sun reports tests showed the baby is stable, doing well, has no significant injuries and was not harmed in the ordeal.

It is being reported the young mum – a migrant worker – fell pregnant after engaging in a relationship with a man she met online in 2016. However, the couple are no longer together.

According to Mail Online, the young woman’s housemate said she had no idea her friend was pregnant.

“We got scared. I asked her if she wanted to call the police. She looked too sick so we went to the hospital and I reported the baby to the police.”