If you're missing The Bachelor, here's what you need to be watching.

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The Bachelor. The show we all know and love, and miss terribly.

Some fill the void  by re-watching past episodes. Some just live vicariously through Sam and Snez. And some, some very smart, very ingenious people are onto an excellent alternative.

And the answer is…The New Zealand Bachelor.

Presenting...the New Zealand bachelor. Image: tv3.

But who is the New Zealand bachelor?

Well. His name is Jordan, he grew up in Christchurch and he works in the film industry and he collects cars. What a guy.

His ideal first date is "taking a woman to karaoke to see how she can perform". There are eight gals left, so who has the right vocals to tickle his tune?

You can find out by watching it. And you need to watch it. You need to watch it now.

The glitter and fabulousness of some of the remaining ladies. Image: tv3.

Monique Bowley is onto it. And, fittingly, she describes it as the Aldi version of the Bachelor Australia. What more could you possibly ask for?

"The accents, the host is like...the sex gurls left in The Bachelor. Who will get a kess tonight?"

"I can't stop watching it. And just yelling out. And just trying to imitate them all..." Monique says. 

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Obviously, the only question you have right now is just 'Tell me HOW DO I WATCH IT NOW PLS?!'

Never fear, we have answers.

"Some heavenly angel has put the episodes on YouTube... it's on TV3 in New Zealand... but it's geo-blocked so you can't get it. So thank you to the angel that put it on YouTube. You will be saying 'geve us a kess' all day Monique explains.

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