The newspaper front page that says what everyone is thinking about gun control.


Thought sarcasm wasn’t very American?

Think again.

The New York Daily News has printed this puppy-dog, polar bear, kitten and fawn covered edition in response to the US gun control debate.

It says: “To all those that have been offended by hearing the truth about our nation’s gun scourge and the NRA and cowardly pols who think nothing’s wrong: Everything is awesome!”

The cover is a nod to the current gun control debate, sparked by the 355th mass shooting in the US this year, in San Bernardino California.

And it’s the sixth cover in a row that calls for better gun control in the US.

With the San Bernardino shooting declared a terrorist event, opponents of stricter gun controls have argued that it should not be a part of the broader debate.

President Barack Obama has indicated that he intends to seek change. Something that the National Rifle Association and the Republican Party are expected to oppose.

But the New York Daily News is campaigning hard for change.

They also ran this cover on Sunday, December 6:

It directly takes on the NRA, with the claim: “NRA big policies would let the jihadis kill.”


Saturday’s front page was also focused on gun laws:

It focused on a man found with six unregistered guns, an assault rifle, over 8,300 rounds of ammunition, two bullet-proof vests, and a fake air marshall ID. “And cops say he isn’t a threat to the public! Insanity.” The headline reads.

On Friday last week, the paper went in hard with a front page that described the NRA as enabling “a sick gun jihad against America in the name of profit.”

It also published an editorial that said: “In what country is it legal to collect enough weaponry to go to war? In ours, thanks to gun laws crafted and protected by lawmakers obedient to the National Rifle Association.”

The string of gun control covers are nothing new.

The paper has been waging an in-your-face campaign for some time.

This is Thursday’s cover with an attack on the Republican Presidential candidates responses to the San Bernardino shooting.

And Wednesday, before the San Bernardino attack:

The paper is taking its fight seriously – hopefully Americans are listening.