7 movies to watch on Netflix if you're staying in on New Year's Eve.

If you’re an introvert, the thought of going out on New Year’s Eve represents a special kind of hell.

There’s the crowds of people… the lines of people… the hours upon hours that you have to spend with said people pretending you’re having a bloody marvelous time when you really just want to go home to your couch.

So this year, why not cut out the middle man and stay the heck home and finally give yourself – and your couch – the New Year’s Eve you’ve always dreamed of?


To help you out, I’ve rounded up seven of the best movies you could be watching alone on the couch, while everyone else is lining up for an $18 vodka cruiser. Suckers!

There’s a lil’ something for everyone:

When Harry Met Sally

For the traditionalists you can’t go past When Harry Met Sally.

The classic romantic comedy follows the story of two friends – Harry and Sally – who realise after years and years of friendship that they’re actually in love with each other.

It’s super-cheesy, super-sweet stuff and it all climaxes with a big ole’ kiss on New Years Eve.

This movie is perfect for anyone who wants to feel good about the world, but I’d avoid it if you’ve just had your heart broken.


As a horror movie connoisseur I have to say that this be the scariest freakin’ movie I’ve ever seen.

It’s about a deaf writer who decides to live in an isolated house in the woods by herself.

As this is a horror movie it becomes immediately clear that this is a very bad decision. You know who else likes isolated houses in the woods? Creepy masked men who like to stalk and murder women, that’s who.

Of course, what makes this scarier than your average horror flick is the fact the victim can’t hear the murderer coming.

This is a great choice for anyone who wasn’t planning on sleeping tonight anyway.

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You Get Me

This is… terrible.

You Get Me is kind of like an updated, much lamer version of Swim Fan.

It follows the story of Tyler, a high school student who has a one night stand with a girl named Holly.

After they spend the night together, Holly becomes a bit of a bunny boiler (Note: You should probably just watch Fatal Attraction, the original bunny boiler movie).


She starts stalking him, tries to kill his girlfriend etc etc.

You Get Me is so bad, it’s kinda good. It’s the sort of movie you can watch while you scroll through Instagram and you’ll feel a whole lot better about your own life choices once you watch it.

Daddy’s Home

I think this movie needs no explanation – it’s a Will Ferrell movie starring Will Ferrell doing Will Ferrell things.

It also stars Mark Walhberg and tells a touching – yet hilarious – tale of family love… or something like that.

Watch this if you want to have a few good laughs.

Creep and Creep 2

If you haven’t watched any of the Creep franchise, you’re in for a treat… and a creep.

The movies are about a serial killer named Aaron (Mark Duplass) who likes to kill people and film it.

While it sounds like a b-grade horror movie, it’s anything but.

The Creep franchise is genuinely spine-tingling, full of scares, and really funny. The first movie has a rating of 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, and the second installment has a rating of 100%.

Watch these movies if you really like scary movies.

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Sisters is a movie that involves a party, so if you watch it you’ll feel like you’ve been to a party without even having to leave the house.

It follows the story of sisters Maura (Amy Poehler) and Kate (Tina Fey) as they return back to their childhood home to clean out their old bedroom so their parents can sell the house.

Instead of cleaning out their old My Little Ponies, Maura and Kate decide to throw a party and hilarity ensues.

Like I said, watch a party so you don’t have to attend one.


This is the movie I’ll personally be watching tonight with my little dog, Vinnie.

Mercy is a Netflix original movie and it tells the tale of a family torn apart by a large inheritance.

Two brothers are set to inherit their dying mother’s money, and two other brothers will stop at nothing to get their hands on it.

It’s a kind of like a horror movie about intruders, but the intruders are from inside the family. Spooky.

Vinnie is very excited.

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