Just the four best new TV shows you absolutley need to watch this weekend.

Let’s be real, nothing’s  better than a juicy new TV series dropping just in time for the weekend.

From your new TV true-crime obsession to a brilliant comedy and a thrilling sci-fi series, here are the best new TV shows to devour as soon as possible.


Netflix’s new must-watch drama Unbelievable deals with important yet very troubling subject matter, so I’m recommending it to you with the caveat that it could be distressing for some viewers.

In 2008, an 18-year-old woman named Marie called the police and told them she had been raped. An investigation ensued, and police soon convinced Marie that she had imagined the whole ordeal. Since the police believed she had made up the entire story she was fined $500 for filing a false report and all of her friends turned away from her because of the lie.

But she wasn’t lying at all.

Marie’s story was chronicled in the famous essay An Unbelievable Story of Rape which went on to win the Pulitzer Prize. This essay now provides the framework for Netflix’s Unbelievable.

In the series, Kaitlyn Dever stars as Marie while Merritt Wever stars as Detective Karen Duvall and Australia’s Toni Collette stars as Detective Grace Rasmussen. Both of these characters are based on the detectives who ended up bringing the case of the serial rapist to justice.

All eight episodes of Unbelievable are available to watch now on Netflix.

Take a look at what to expect from Netflix’s new series Unbelievable below. Post continues after video.

Murder in the Bayou

Murder in the Bayou is the new true-crime documentary series premiering on Stan this week.

The new series is based on Ethan Brown’s New York Times bestselling novel of the same name and explores the eerie story of the “Jeff Davis 8”.


This is the name of an infamous case that took place between 2005 and 2009 when the bodies of eight women were discovered in Jennings, a small and secluded Bayou town in Louisiana.

Murder in the Bayou is not an overly gory or graphic true crime offering, instead, it takes a critical and insightful look into the missteps, lack of investigation and then the attempt to cover-up the eight murders by the Jennings Police Department.

Murder in the Bayou premieres exclusively on Stan on 14 September with new episodes dropping weekly.

The I-Land

Netflix’s newest science fiction thriller is called The I-Land and fans of the hit TV series Lost will be into this epic and often head-scratching adventure.

On The I-Land, 10 people mysteriously wake up on a treacherous and seemingly deserted island with no memory of who they are or how they came to be trapped there. With no other plan in place, they set off to try and escape the island and get back home.

They quickly find out that the island is not what it first appeared and in order to make it out alive they have to overcome the land’s extreme psychological and physical challenges.

It’s safe to say that not all of them will make it off the island alive.

The first season of The I-Land is now available to watch on Netflix. 


Ramy has already been called one of the best and most surprising new comedies to come out of the US this year.

The show follows the plight of Ramy Hassan (played by comedian Ramy Youssef) – a first-generation Egyptian-American who is on a spiritual journey in his politically divided neighbourhood in New Jersey.

As the series goes on, Ramy becomes caught in a difficult place between a Muslim community who believe everything in life is about a pic-picture moral test, and a much looser millennial generation who are hell-bent on living a life devoid of consequences.

Ramy premiered to rave reviews in the U.S. and has already been commissioned for a second season.

Every episode of Ramy is available to watch now on Stan. 

What are you watching this weekend? 

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