Is this the absolute worst present any new mum could receive?

A Melbourne Hospital was evacuated on a suspected gas leak. Turns out it was just a smelly present.

Emergency services were called to Mitcham Private Hospital in Victoria last night after staff reported bad smells wafting through the maternity ward.

Fears of a gas leak promoted them to evacuate several mothers and newborn babies.

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) discovered that the bad smell was actually coming from a present given to one of the new mothers.

MFB spokesperson, Keith Robinson,. told reporters, “We often have people mistakenly smell something and believe it to be gas.”

The suspect: Durian

The present in question was later confirmed to be an exotic fruit. While the MFB haven't confirmed which fruit, Trevor Woodward said, "We heard it could be a durian."

For those lucky enough to not have heard (or smelled) of a durian, the fruit is renowned for their strong odour - think of a mixture of garlic, rotting onions, smelly socks and raw sewage and you have come close to imagining the smell.

Yes, we agree. Probably not the nicest present to give a new mum.

What's the most useless gift you received when you had a baby?