BREAKING: The new leader of the Labor party has been announced.



The new leader of the Labor party has been announced, and it is Bill Shorten.

The winner of the caucus and rank and file ballots was named this afternoon at 2pm, when Labor sent an email to all party members.

Shorten entered parliament in 2007, and has acted as Assistant Treasurer, Minister for Workplace Relations and Education minister.

The lead up to the announcement of the new Labor party media has received ongoing media attention, and tensions have been increased by the reforms put in place by former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd that give caucus and party members a 50-50 say in the Labor leadership.

Approximately 30,000 votes were received from rank and file members across Australia.

Shorten won with 63.95 percent of the vote, and Albo with 36 per cent of the vote. From the rank and file vote, Shorten received 40.08 percent and Albo 59.92 percent of the vote.

Prior to the announcement of the new leader, Anthony Albanese said that he was happy with how smoothly the new process for deciding leader had played out. “Whoever wins this process will be more legitimate than any political leader of a major political party in Australia’s history,” Albanese said.

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