The new Ghostbusters trailer now has 100% more Hemsworth.

Chris Hemsworth has made a more significant appearance in the second trailer to be released for the Ghostbusters movie.

Channeling Clark Kent, sexy receptionist and handy man all at once, Chris spends the majority of the trailer doing important things like drawing breasts on ghosts, adjusting his bag and making thoughtful expressions.

The trailer follows a similar path to the first dropped earlier this week but features new scenes and a new classification.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the International version.

In fact, the trailer was so International that it was accidentally leaked yesterday in Ukrainian. This was great for Ukrainian-speaking fans but for the rest of us, it was mostly confusing.

Almost as confusing as Hemsworth’s character’s pitch at a new company logo:

new ghostbusters trailer
I’d like to say this design is one third condom, one third dying duck and one third…. well, the middle third speaks for itself. Source: Columbia Pictures.

The new trailer offers us a few more hints as to where our Aussie beau will fit into the larger script.

It seems as though he’ll enter as the goofy office help but then blossom to become a useful addition to the fight on the front line – like a butterfly, a beautiful, beefy butterfly.

new ghostbusters hemsworth
Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if after all this time you’d like to meet. Source: Columbia Pictures

The film remains a solid salute to the power of Ghostbusting gals but if Chris wants to provide some comic relief, we’re not going to fight it. You do you, boo.

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