10 times style blogger Hannah Klose nailed the art of op shopping.


If you’ve ever thought there was nothing worth purchasing from your local op shop, think again. Or more accurately, take one look at Hannah Klose’s Instagram.

It’s filled with plenty of style inspiration, but none of it comes from mainstream fashion – directly, at least.

You see, Klose op shops all year round and shares her finds on her blog Never Ever Pay Retail.

And looking at her outfit posts, you’d never guess most of her outfits come with change from a $20 note.


The Brisbane-based mum works part time in radio, a move she made in 2014 in order to start her website.

“When I started Never Ever Pay Retail in 2014, my main goal was to inspire people to thrift with the amazing garments that can be found in op shops… second hand really doesn’t have to mean second best! So I thought Instagram would be the perfect platform for that. I also use the posts to share where I get the gold from, so people know where to go,” she told Mamamia.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve loved op shopping since birth. My mum is a massive op shop fiend and as soon as I could crawl/walk I was rummaging for treasure.”

 She hasn’t bought anything ‘new’ – except underwear which she says is where she draws the line – in three years.

Watch: Women confess the item they spent way too much money on. Post continues after video.


“Whenever I go to the mall now I’m always blown away by how much things cost. It’s hard to believe people fork out $50 for one item when you could almost buy a new wardrobe for that at the thrift store,” she says.

She hopes her posts will encourage others to follow in her well-heeled footsteps.


“There are SO many reasons to thrift. It’s kind on your wallet and the planet, it helps to drive down demand for sweat shop goods, and your retail therapy actually provides charities with one of their main sources of income. I call that a win-win,” she says.

“Plus you can create your own aesthetic with the unique pieces you can find, which will set you apart on the street. Even though everyone seems to be twinning at the moment, I like knowing that no one else will be wearing my ensemble.”

Here are 10 times Klose proved your local op shop has treasures for any occasion.

1. The perfect transeasonal work outfit.

This is very light on the shabby, and seriously heavy on the chic.


2. Birthday drinks.

Who said you have to drop a lot of dough on a special birthday outfit?

3. Coffee catch ups.

Professional looking? Tick. Warm-weather appropriate? Tick. Skirt to make others envious? Double tick.


4. Market day.

Overalls are back, baby.


5. Important interview.

You’ll even have change for pre-meeting coffee.


6. Friday night drinks.

Sequin jackets and pussy bow ties, oh my!

7. Saturday, all day.

Whether you’re running errands, out for lunch or heading out into the night, this outfit covers it all.


8. Weekend activities.

Runners on your feet, a bomber on your back.


9. Fail-safe fashion.

Classic pieces to make up an outfit that will take you anywhere.


10. Red carpet events.

Behold – a serious lesson in layering.

On the #reviveBNE runway in a $21 outfit including shades and shoes ♻️ #thinkgreen #slowfashion #nevereverpayretail

A photo posted by Never Ever Pay Retail (@nevereverpayretail) on Aug 18, 2016 at 11:51pm PDT

Hannah’s 3 tips for successful op shopping.

1. “Look at everything, and I mean everything. Leave no stone unturned! I often find gems in the kids and men’s clothing racks.”

2. “Wear something easy to get changed in and out of to save on time. Avoid buttons at all costs! I usually wear a dress and slip on shoes for a ninja shopping experience.”


3. “Have a vision of the look you want before hitting the op shops. It’s so easy to recreate the magic of the high end fash mags, so get a wish list of garments together so you stay on track! But also be open to a few surprises…”

Image: Instagram/@nevereverpayretail

What’s your best op shop find?