Even Netflix likes "Netflix and chill".

It just gets better.

In the latest development from the gods people at Netflix, there is now a single button that instantly creates the perfect environment for sexy times.

Known as “The Switch”, the device enables you to dim the lights, put your phone onto ‘do not disturb’ and order takeaway with the press of a button.

Effectively, it’s a booty call switch.

It’s already been dubbed the “Netflix and chill” button – a playful take on the phrase that has become a euphemism for sex.


Urban Dictionary rather crudely defines the term ‘Netflix and chill’ as meaning “that you are going to go over to your partner’s house and fuck with Netflix in the background”.

There’s a whole world of memes dedicated to the newest form of booty call and, now, there’s a device to help it along.

The only problem for those wanting a switch is that you need to build your own. And apparently that involves programming a micro-controller (whatever that is), something about infrared patterns and soldering the electronics together. You can check out the zillion-step instructions here.

The Switch is explained in this video:

So, basically, we better hope tech-savvy people start selling them on eBay soon.