In the lead up to Valentine's Day, Netflix reveals the shows people binge first.

As Valentine’s Day rears its rose-adorned head, we’re taking a moment to talk about a different kind of love.

We’re talking about a different kind of romance that leaves you staying up late at night, and thinking about your new flame at work. You get a bit giddy as you discuss every single detail of your new relationships with friends, discussing moment by moment.

And then it ends, and you’re devastated. You feel a bit empty on the inside, but don’t fear… there are other fish in the sea / Netflix search bar.

Ok, so we’re talking about the humble Netflix binge. Apologies for the dramatics, but tell us we’re wrong.

There. You can’t.


According to Netflix data, there were clear winners when it came to which shows Aussie wanted to binge first.

They said that on average it takes a new Netflix member just 12 days to start their first binge, defining it as finishing one season of a show in seven days. However, as a country, it on average only takes us three days to finish a season.

What can we say? Australians… we’re just a bunch of passionate, screen-hungry romantics.

It kind of gives a new meaning to the phrase ‘Netflix and Chill,’ don’t you think?

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So whether it was revisiting a childhood fling with Dan and Serena or falling for the bad boy in the middle of the Colombian jungle, here are the Netflix’s shows Aussies couldn’t wait to binge:

  1. Orange is the New Black
  2. Stranger Things
  3. Narcos
  4. Vikings
  5. Suits
  6. House of Cards
  7. 13 Reasons Why
  8. Gossip Girl
  9. Jonah from Tonga
  10. The 100

Did you favourite make the list? Or is there something we’ve missed out on and need to watch ASAP? Make sure you tell us in the comments.

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