Secret Netflix codes that will change the way you binge watch.

Have you ever wondered how Netflix comes up with their recommendations for you? It never seems like they just randomly pick and choose, because more often than not, Netflix gets it right.

And so, like me, you spend weekend after weekend binging on show after show.

What my Netflix homepage looks like.

Well, it turns out that Netflix has all of their shows and movies catalogued into tens of thousands of VERY specific genres.

So if you’re into shows based on books, check out “20th Century Pieces based on Books” and if you have a newborn, “Australian shows for ages 0 to 2” is perfect for you. By having these sub-genres, they’re able to mix and match very specifically to our tastebuds.

Up until now, we weren’t able to access the “secret codes” to each of these specific categories, because Netflix doesn’t give us the ID codes. And so, very avid Netflix users have been compiling codes and posting them online.

Now, they’re all in one spot, thanks to finder.com. All you have to do is log in to Netflix, click on a sub-genre on finder.com and voila! It’s like a whole new world.

So prepare for more show obsessions and endless viewing. Happy Netflixing!

Watch the trailer for the most watched Netflix movie: 

Video via Netflix