The poster for Netflix's 'The Babysitter' has a very awkward photoshop fail.

Another day, another impossible beauty standard.

Just when you thought you’d finally met all the requirements to be considered an attractive woman, Netflix has come along and blown them all out of the water with its unrealistic “two right-handed woman”.

Yep you read right, not only are we supposed to have a thigh gap but now we’re supposed to have two right hands.

Opposable thumbs are so 2016, apparently.

Is it me, or does “The Babysitter” have two right hands? from funny

But before you rush out to your nearest lefty-righty hand switchy surgeon (that’s a real job, I swear), you should know that Netflix has probably just gone f**ked up its photoshop job.

You see, the “two right-handed woman” appears on the cover photo of their latest original horror movie The Babysitter.

What will now be referred to as #handgate is actually pretty hard to spot, but one nifty little Reddit user noticed that something was up and posted it on the site.

While it might look normal at first glance – the person holding the bread and the bloody knife does indeed have two right hands.

If you’re at a loose end today, you can test it out yourself by crossing your hands behind your back and looking at them in the mirror – your thumbs should definitely be on opposite sides.

If they’re not, please call emergency services immediately.

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