Netflix has just launched a very sentimental new service.

It might be 2016, but the 90s are well and truly back.

I mean think about it: the Spice Girls are recording a demo, choker necklaces are a thing and everyone’s mad for Pokemon.

Now even entertainment streaming service Netflix has hooked into nineties nostalgia with the launch of a mixtape-inspired service called Flixtape.

At this point, those of you who boast a birth year that begins with the numbers 199 or perhaps even 200 (*shudder*) are probably wondering what “mixtape” is, exactly.

Monica demonstrating the appropriate reaction to have when your boyfriend gives you a mixtape. via NBC.

Allow us to fill you in. Once upon a time, there was this thing called a cassette ta.. actually never mind. Just think of it like a very carefully selected, shareable playlist.

That's effectively what Flixtape is.

You just create a title for your playlist, choose up to six Netflix movies, shows or docos that you want to share, customise your cover and then flick it to your chosen recipients via Facebook, Twitter, text or email.

So when your folks finally get around to finishing Mad Men, or your newly single friend needs to be healed by staring at Sam Heughan's pecs, this is the tool to use.

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