There's an excellent reason why there's nothing good on Netflix at the moment.

The great Australian summer. We spend all year longing for beach days and summer nights and then we moan for three months when it hits.

Walking anywhere when it’s beyond 30 degrees is awful, but sipping cold water and binging films in your underpants is heaven.

It seems the great television Gods (Netflix) understand this, so they’ve stacked their summer releases with some absolute bangers.

Our television gurus (and podcast hosts) Laura Brodnik and Rosie Waterland rounded up their soon-to-be-released favourites, with a special mention to the rise of the superhero genre.

Listen to Laura and Rosie discuss all the amazing new shows about to drop on Netflix.

While Rosie listed such 2017 big hitters as Season two of Stranger Things and Season five of Orange Is The New Black, Laura focused on the more magical releases.

“They’re building a cinematic superhero universe. We started with Jessica Jones, then it was Luke Cage and now we’re having Iron Fist and Punisher – it’s a superhero group,” she said.

Laura explained how the characters will be introduced with solo sagas before they’re brought together.

“They’re all getting their own series and then they’re coming together for one big mega series called The Defenders,” she said.

“So they’re all going to join forces and that’s when it’s going to get so good.”

If super-powered series aren’t your thing you can rest assured the streaming service will still cater to your tastes.



Original Series

Fuller House: Season 2 (9 December)

Van Helsing: Season 1 (17 December)


Ten Percent: Season 1 (20 December)

No Second Chance: Season 1 (16 December)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Season 1 (31 December)


Matilda (21 December)

500 Days Of Summer (15 December)

How To Be Single (1 December)


Gabriel Igelsias: Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry (20 December)


The Adventures of Puss In Boots: Season 4 (16 December)

Troll Hunters: Season 1 (23 December)



Gypsy follows the story of a therapist (Naomi Watts) who becomes too consumed in her patients’ lives. It’s meant to bring you to the edge of your seat (or Freudian recliner).

Iron Fist

Game of Thrones’ Finn Jones sets out in his solo adventure as a young superhero with magical powers in Iron Fist. Jones plays another character who will appear in The Defenders series.

The Defenders

Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist come together to create a powered-up fighting force in The Defenders series.

This star-studded list is only the beginning. Listen to find out the rest in our entertainment-packed podcast, The Binge, below.

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