50 million subscribers worldwide. And it's headed to your living room next year.

Netflix has confirmed that the service will be available in Australia and New Zealand next year.

WHAT IS IT?: Netflix is an online-streaming service that provides A LOT of movies and television series for a monthly fee. It has new release movies and new episodes of current series, as well as a huge catalogue of old classics.


Until now, it was only available in USA and South America, and parts of Europe. It reached 50 million subscribers globally this year. And as of March next year, we will be able to access it down under.

They even made a ‘down under’ joke in their announcement.


It’s upside-down. GET IT??

Some naughty Australians (estimated to be as high as 200,000) have actually been accessing the system for a while by cleverly tricking their Internet into thinking they are located in USA and not Australia. But SSSSHHHH! No one tell Netflix that or they may change their minds.

“Australia and New Zealand have been a long time coming for us,” said Netflix boss Cliff Edwards to Fairfax Media.

Ricky Gervais in an ad for Netflix US. Post continues below video.


Cliff said that he will have more information for us – such as content and pricing – over the next few months. On that note, we don’t know much about the content for Australia, but we can tell you that it will probably be a bit different to USA and Europe because of the pre-existing deals between our television networks and exclusive rights to shows.

But still, EXCITING.

The only problem is: It will affect Australian drama, most likely in a negative way. Netflix has produced seven original dramas in USA (which, compared to how many they show on their service, is not many). Chances are in Australia, they may not produce any.

As Lifehacker reported:

People watching Netflix will mean fewer people watching TV, which means TV ratings will continue to decline, which means there will be fewer advertising dollars and less money to fund shows. And the first shows to be cut will be dramas — because those are the most expensive.

We will have to wait and see what happens in March. Hurrah for Netflix, but let’s not forget about our favourite shows in Oz.

Past and present, Australia has had some great shows.


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