The couple who got married after meeting on Neopets as kids is the love story we all need.

The early noughties were the years in which I decided that I no longer needed to go outside to be entertained.

Along with my prized possession of the Barbie Pet Rescue CD-ROM, I also had a grand total of three Neopets accounts which kept me occupied for hours (in between using Microsoft Encarta to complete all my school assignments, of course).

But these years were much more productive for my fellow Neopets lovers Kristin Andrews-Karr and Michael Andrews-Karr, who started a friendship that would lead them down the past of true love.

Speaking to Buzzfeed News, Kristin revealed she and Michael met after they both joined the Neopets role-playing guild ‘Evil Jellies’, where players could take on the roles of either ‘good guys’ or ‘bad guys’.


Kristin, then just 12 years old, was on team 'good'. Michael, who went by the name 'Evil Doctor' and who was just 10, wanted to be 'bad'. It was a match made in heaven.

Soon, Kristin and Michael were logging on to "playfight" and "talk stupid drama" with each other every day via Neopets' communication system, Neomail.

Still young children, the two didn't even know each other's real names, communicating only with their online personas.

Kristin Andrews-Karr and Michael Andrews-Karr
Kristin Andrews-Karr and Michael Andrews-Karr met online when they were just 12 and 10. Image via Facebook.

Soon, they took their friendship to AIM, and after one 'ASL' and we're guessing, a couple of 'LOLs', began talking about their real, everyday lives, exchanging details and even photographs.

"We went from silly rivalry to talking about school and life," Kristin told Buzzfeed.

"It took a long time from having talked pretty much daily when we were younger teens when he finally sent me pictures of himself and we would sneak phone calls."

It wasn't until Kristin was in Year 11 that she confessed her true feelings to Michael, who was in Year 9, after the two began sneaking in "I love yous" at their end of their calls.

"Do you really mean that about me?" Kristin asked when Michael dropped the L-bomb one day. It turns out, he did, and the pair officially became a couple.

With college on the horizon, the duo came up with a plan to meet. Soon, they were dating IN PERSON, and in 2014, were married.

Kristin Andrews-Karr and Michael Andrews-Karr
Image via Facebook.

Sadly, the wedding wasn't Neopets themed (no Poogles were present, as far we can tell), but Kristin has since rekindled her love for the retro online game, recently re-activating her account.

Kristin hopes her story inspires others that relationships that start online can really lead to true love.

"You can make real friends and have real relationships," she said.

Now... if only we could remember our Neopets password...

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