Is this the end of Neighbours? The future of Ramsay Street could be in jeopardy.

There’s trouble brewing for UK fans of Ramsay Street and not even Toadie can fix it.

Neighbours could be cut from British screens after talks between producers and its UK broadcaster soured enough to stall completely.

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The show, which has been screening on the UK’s Channel 5 for almost 10 years, faces leaving the channel if a new deal can’t be reached.

And although a new channel would not terrible news for fans, the recent dip in viewership has flagged the possibility of the show leaving the UK broadcast altogether.

If the show's deal ain't broke, don't fix it. (Source: Network 10.)

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A TV "insider" told Sunday People the botched negotiations were financially driven but also touched on the new owners inability to recognise what the show meant to the British audience.

"The renegotiation of the Neighbours/Channel 5 deal has become very fraught and is in jeopardy," they said.

"Channel 5 really want to keep the show. But the failure to reach a deal is being blamed on Channel 5’s new American owners Viacom refusing to sign off on the figures and not understanding the cultural importance of the show in the UK.

"Neighbours has become a British TV favourite and it would be a sad day if it were to go."

Susan mediating the recent feud is how I picture the overseas negotiations too. (Source: Network 10.)

The soured negotiations are a rude shock to UK fans, who for many years have outnumbered the native audience by around three to one.

While recent viewership in Australia has struggled to draw more than 200,000 fans, UK broadcasters can still wield up and over a million.

News of the stalled deals come just as former footballer Brendan Fevola announced he will be joining the cast in  a cameo role.

Fevola told the Herald Sun he was "bloody nervous" but excited to work with the long-running cast.

“And I don’t get nervous for anything. I just want to hang out with Toadie and Harold," he said.

The role will once again see the ex-player working alongside his FOX FM radio co-host Fifi Box.

Box joined the cast of the long-running soap opera in 2016.

"Acting with Fifi is very exciting and so is combining the two workplaces — radio and acting," he said.

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