Need new ideas for dinner? Here are 5 easy ones.



There are only so many nights I’m prepared to serve tried-and-true recipes I know my kids will gobble before my tastebuds start to protest.

That’s when I put my foot down and make them expand their horizons. I’m not talking chicken vindaloo, just dishes that put a new twist on old favourites. Crumbed chicken, salmon and pasta are among their most-loved foods, so I use those as the base for experimental taste sensations.

Here’s what we will be trying …

Monday: Coconut chicken tenders

I’ll be skipping the sweetened condensed milk and using Light & Creamy, but this looks like a winner to me.

Get the recipe here.

Tuesday: Mexican “lasagne”

Mexican and lasagne in the same sentence? I’m in.

Get the recipe here.

Wednesday: Cajun salmon burgers

OK, the salmon is usually crumbed in our house, but I love the idea of dusting the fillets with Cajun spices and turning them into burgers. If your kids are anti-spice just grill theirs plain.

Get the recipe here.

Thursday: Curried leek and sweet potato soup

Soup weather is almost over and we’re big fans of a bowl here – I love this spin on the traditional potato and leek soup. And the naan bread will be a hit with the kids.

Get the recipe here.

Friday: Macaroni cheese with cherry tomatoes

Macaroni cheese with cherry tomatoes adds colour and vitamins … especially when I serve some steamed broccoli on the side.

Get the recipe here.


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