"Super easy to use... even for a beginner waxer.": 12 women test Nair Natural Wax Strips.

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My favourite thing about the past two years? You can do almost everything from your own home. 

Catch up with friends? Tick.

Work? Tick. 

Beauty treatments? Tick.

We’ve now been at home more than ever, and even as we emerge back into our ‘new normality’, there are some things that are here to stay.

And beauty treatments from the comfort of your own home is one that I'm certainly not complaining about. 

Personally, I love to be efficient with my grooming and beauty routine. If I can do a hair mask, tint my brows and wax my body all at the same time in one night, I am one very happy lady. 

The new Nair Natural Wax Strips have really upped the at home waxing game, making it soooo easy to do yourself. They are made of 99 per cent naturally derived ingredients, and enriched with chamomile extract which results in super-soft, smooth, hair-free skin. The wax strips can also be used on hair as short as 2 millimetres and the results last up to four weeks. 

The best bit?

You can use them immediately without heating or rubbing in your hands, making it super easy and effortless to remove hair on your legs, underarms and bikini line.

Quick, easy and efficient. That's my kind of beauty routine.

To see whether the Nair Natural Wax Strips live up to the hype, we asked our Mamamia You Beauty Panel to try them on their legs, underarms and bikini line to give us their honest reviews on what they thought. 


84 per cent of our panellists rated it 4 or more out of 5, and everyone said they were incredibly easy to use.

I'm sold! 

Here's what some of them had to say: 

Hannah, 26: "So easy and clean to use."

"I really enjoyed them. I used to wax when I was in high school but got fed up with how messy it was, and found my legs were always sticky afterwards. I was skeptical about these as they claimed they wouldn’t leave gooey wax behind, which from my experience, is near impossible but sure enough, they didn’t! 

"They were so easy and clean to use on my legs and stomach."

Image: Supplied.


Abbey, 24: "I couldn’t believe they were reusable."

"I found them incredibly easy to use, and I couldn’t believe they were also reusable! I got at least 5 uses out of each strip so the longevity of the product is great. The strips take off shorts hairs as well so you can use it all the time."

Ellen, 25: "Much simpler to use than the strips you need to heat up!"

"I really liked them. They were much simpler to use than the strips you need to heat up, and their initial grip on the skin was very good. The box size is very good (value pack) and I didn't need to use too many for the lower part of my legs. Very easy to use!"

Katie, 23: "Amazing!"

"Amazing, loved them so much! They are a very simple product to use. Once I cut them into smaller pieces, they were so easy to use of different parts of the body."

Image: Supplied.


Sarah, 25: "Made my legs so smooth."

"I really enjoyed using them. They were simple to use and felt as though it got even the smallest of hairs. Made my legs so smooth."

Anya, 25: "Were more hydrating than I expected!"

"They worked really well! I haven’t used wax strips since I was a teenager, preferring the ease of shaving but found these very easy to use, removed a decent amount of hair and were more hydrating than I expected.

"I love that you don’t need to rub these between your hands or warm them up to use them!"

Image: Supplied.


Andie, 26: "Super gentle and my skin was happy."

"I loved these wax strips! I found they were super gentle and my skin was happy! Quite often wax strips are bright pink and seem quite artificial, but these are a breath of fresh air. And the packaging is cute."

Abbie, 24: "Left my legs smelling great."

"Very easy to use! Quick and convenient. Smells nice and fresh, left my legs smelling great. No mess afterwards and very easy to clean. Great for last-minute waxing."

Image: Supplied


Madeliene, 26: "Convenient, easy to use, affordable and effective."

"Convenient, easy to use, affordable and effective — what more could you ask for? The strips are large which is great and makes life easier when waxing your legs! They are gentle and they don’t have a strong scent. 

"The wipes are also a great inclusion and are fantastic for alleviating any stickiness after using the strips."

Katrina, 25: "It was great!"

"It was great! The process was really simple and these particular ones were so nice they did not burn at all."

Image: Supplied.


Keely, 27: "Super easy to use... even for a beginner waxer."

"I've had very limited experience with waxing, only previously waxing my eyebrows. I was a little nervous to try the Nair Natural wax strips, but they were so easy to use! They didn't even need to be heated, just peeled apart, and they were ready to go. 

"They were super easy to use on my legs, even for a beginner waxer like myself. The wax strips even came with after care wipes to remove any sticky residue. An overall pleasant waxing experience!"

Image: Supplied.


Shay-Lee, 25: "They are foolproof."

"Fantastic. 10 minute process, for hopefully a four week pay off of smooth, delicious legs. Plus the aftercare wipes leave a silky sheer moisture over the legs after wiping away the residue. They are foolproof!"

Keen to try them yourself? Grab the Nair Natural Wax Strips at your local supermarket or chemist.

Feature Image: Supplied/Mamamia.

New Nair Soft Natural Wax Strips with 99% of ingredients from natural origin, including soothing Chamomile Extract and natural Beeswax, leaving skin feeling nourished and nurtured! Especially formulated to quickly and precisely remove unwanted hair from the body or face. Reveal touchably smooth skin, naturally.