Seven tips for nailing 'natural' makeup without going bare faced.

There is something rather ironic about the fact most tutorials for “natural-looking makeup” seem to involve at least 54 different products.

A major beauty trend spearheaded by makeup artists like Bobbi Brown in the ’90s, it’s about using makeup to look like you’re not wearing any at all. (Yep, we get the ridiculousness.)

While for some the obvious response would be ‘well, don’t wear any then’, sometimes that’s just not possible or practical. So here’s how to get easy natural-looking makeup without using a whole supermarket beauty aisle.

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1. Focus on the skin.

If you want to reduce the amount of makeup you wear, spend time on skincare. Establishing a solid skincare regime (or at the bare minimum always taking your makeup off, cleansing and moisturising occasionally) will mean there's less need to cover up your skin with products and even have the confidence to leave it bare.

2. Start off with concealer.

The temptation is often to cover your whole face in foundation, but the reality is it's not needed. You'll use less product and get a more natural finish if you use concealer on the areas you want/need more coverage and then go in with a foundation after if you want more.

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3. Swap your foundation for a BB or CC cream.

For a lighter look, swap your full-coverage foundation for a BB (beauty balm), CC (colour corrector) cream or a tinted moisturiser. These give a bit of coverage, neutralise any redness or dark circles and often combine the benefits of skincare with the look of makeup.

4. Switch the blacks for neutrals.

It's time to get nude - with your eyes that is. Swap the heavier blacks and greys for a neutral palette of beige and brown. Your contouring shade or bronzer can also double up as an eyeshadow for a wash of neutral colour if you're caught short and prefer matte, while the Physicians Formula Nude Natural Shimmer Strip, $24.95 is a great all-rounder that can be used on your eyes, cheeks and cheekbones and caters to any skin tone.


5. Opt for a cream blush.

A cream or liquid blush can look a lot more natural than a powder. Simply dab on the apple of your cheeks and work in with your fingers.

6. Try a brown mascara.

For some, a few coats of mascara are a non-negotiable of the no-makeup makeup look. If that's still too much, try a brown or even clear mascara which will give you the lift without the 'done' look of proper mascara. If you're looking to cut down your makeup time even further, consider a lash lift or lash extensions. They're not cheap but they're oh so worth it (even just for the extra 10-minute sleep in!). Not only do they instantly make eyes look bigger and brighter without makeup, it means saying goodbye to smudged mascara while still getting long lashes. Win.

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7. Go nude on the lips.

Stick to nude pinks on the lip, cheat with a tint or simply just wack on your favourite lip balm or paw paw ointment and you're good to go.

What are your favourite nude makeup tips and tricks? 

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