THE FIND: The natural deodorant that actually works.

Finding a natural deodorant that actually works has been a quest of mine for YEARS.

I took one for The Glow team when I trialled a bunch last year. And while I did love one of them in particular, over summer I slowly went back to using the all-day deodorants I knew weren’t going to leave me ponging by 11am.

Call it a combination of the high humidity levels in Sydney, and a battle over what the adequate air-conditioning temperature should be set at in the office on a 35-degree day, but I felt my natural deodorant wasn’t cutting the mustard.

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I’d all but given up on natural deodorants, but then another brand landed on my desk. Erica Brooke’s Neroli & Vanilla Deodorant Creme. On opening the lid and taking a whiff, my first olfactory sensation was Nimbin mixed with Vicks. Which I admit does sounds bad, but is actually really quite pleasant.



Since it is a paste, the texture takes awhile to get used to. To me, it felt quite wet for the first hour or so before it truly absorbed in. Throughout the day I keep surreptitiously sniffing my pits waiting to catch it out. I was convinced this one wasn't going to work.

It held up all day in the sometimes boiling hot, sometimes blistering cold office. But still I thought by the time I got home, cooked dinner, bathed my toddler and sat down on the couch at the end of the day my ponginess would prevail.

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It didn't.

Even when I spent the next two hours unsuccessfully trying to apply for paid parental leave online. And as anyone who's ever tried knows, that's a real testament.

HOW MUCH: $15 for a 60g jar.

FIND IT: At Shop Naturally. Founder Joanne Musgrave discovered the Australian made deodorant when she couldn't keep up with the demand of another deodorant paste, Black Chicken's Axilla Paste. 


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