The mother who doesn't want her pregnant daughter to give birth naturally.

Everybody knows that pregnant women should be free to make their own decisions when it comes to childbirth, right?

Not so for one mum-to-be, whose own mother is refusing to support her decision to experience natural childbirth.

The woman, known as beesinatree, took to Reddit to explain her situation, and ask for advice.

She wrote:

“My mum keeps harping on me pretty much any chance she gets about my choice to have a natural birth in a birthing centre…and it’s making me crazy,” she began.

“She had four caesareans in a hospital complete with epidurals, and literally looks at natural unmedicated birth as some sort of barbaric thing. I have told her many times how it is my decision, showed statistics, and even videos of natural births (she literally shudders at the woman making any sound of pain) to no avail.

“It’s just incredibly annoying and she tries to pass it off as being a “caring mother” who doesn’t want me to go through the horrific pain of labour. Obviously I’ll do what I want still and I know it will hurt (bring it) but it’s just getting so annoying and I needed to vent.”

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Oh dear…

Luckily, fellow Reddit users had plenty of advice and offered their own frustrating stories.

traininthedistance wrote: “You can also go with my favourite passive aggressive route, ‘That’s a very outdated opinion. My doctor/midwife and I have reached a different decision based on modern medical research’.”

WhateverYouSay1084 added: “When my mum starts harping on me about baby related issues, I say “You had your chance to (name your baby, circumcise, etc.).” If she keeps poking at it, I stop responding until she agrees not to bring it up any more. Set those boundaries now because it’s not gonna get easier once he’s here.”

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And Gluestick05 shared her own annoying mother anecdote: "My mum thinks I'm a total nutjob for being on the fence about it. I'm not anti-epidural, just want to wait and see, but you'd think I'm trying to give birth in the woods or something."

Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy and delivery - let's hope your mother starts to support you soon.

Did anyone in your life disrespect your birth decisions? 

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