CELEB NEWS: Natasha Exelby axed from Channel 10's Wake Up.

James Mathison, Natasha Exelby (centre) and Natarsha Beling.

Network Ten has confirmed that Natasha Exelby will leave Wake Up just 16 days after the program launched.

Exelby will stay with Channel 10 but work within their news division rather than the breakfast show.

The show will continue to be hosted by Natarsha Belling and James Mathison, with Nuala Hafner presenting the local news bulletins.

Network Ten Director of Morning Television, Adam Boland, said a lack of chemistry was the reason for her departure.

The full statement:

Network Ten today announced Natasha Exelby has departed its breakfast television program Wake Up.

Wake Up will continue to be hosted by Natarsha Belling and James Mathison, with Nuala Hafner presenting local news for every state. Ms Exelby will remain with Network Ten’s News division.

There will be no changes at Network Ten’s new morning show, Studio 10.

Network Ten Director of Morning Television, Adam Boland, said: “It’s important we get Wake Up right.

“I have said repeatedly that chemistry is everything at breakfast and, right now, I don’t think the balance is correct. It’s up to producers to fix those things.

“I rate Natasha, Natarsha and James extremely highly individually, otherwise they wouldn’t have been there in the first place. I also saw genuine spark during show rehearsals, but sometimes, that doesn’t translate on air. That is nobody’s fault, except mine,” he said.

“Natasha is a dear friend. She is also genuinely talented and will remain a key part of Ten into the future.”

This news comes two weeks after the network revealed Adam Boland had taken “indefinite” leave just three days after the show launched.

The network have confirmed there will be no changes to their morning show Studio 10.

More to come.

Kelly Clarkson is pregnant.

This last week has bought about some lovely baby news for local celebrities Megan Gale and Yumi Stynes and now American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson has announced her pregnancy news.

The singer, who made no secret that she was planning to have children ASAP after marrying Brandon Blackstock last month, tweeted the news this morning.

“I’m pregnant!!! Brandon and I are so excited! Best early Christmas present ever :)” she wrote.

“I want babies!” Clarkson declared in a radio interview last month. “Everybody keeps saying, ‘What do you want for Christmas?’ And I’m like, ‘I want to be pregnant.'”


The new Danish family portrait is the creepiest thing you’ll see today.

The new portrait of the Danish Royal Family is a little well, creepy. The painting was unveiled over the weekend as part of an exhibition of royal portraits.

It took four years to complete and made to reference a famous painting of the Danish royal family in 1880s. Except, you know, it didn’t have one of the youngest members standing front and centre and looking like Damien from the Omen.

The explanation on the Danish Royal Collection’s webpage:

“In Kluge’s painting the royal couple is depicted in a gilt rococo settee surrounded by their sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren, all in everyday clothing. The present and future monarchs, H.M. The Queen, T.R.H. The Crown Prince and Prince Christian, all make eye contact with us, while their family members are portrayed in their own universe, unprovoked by the gaze of the spectator. The children are at play with the exception of the upright and severe Prince Christian who seems aware of his future responsibilities.”