Natasha Exelby shares the back story of the pen that stopped a nation.

Being reminded of the most infamous moment of your career on your first day in a new job isn’t ideal.

For Natasha Exelby, who became something of a pop culture heroine last week after losing her focus during a live news bulletin on ABC’s News 24, we have a feeling the gaffe could follow her for a little while yet.

Exelby’s first day reading the news for commercial broadcaster, KIIS FM — while Kylie and Jackie O are on leave — is proof of that.

While being introduced to listeners by music presenter Gordie Waters, the highly-accomplished freelance journalist couldn’t escape questions about the pen that stopped a nation.

“People would know you, Natasha, from the famous ABC blooper that kind of went viral,” Waters said, which was met with a “hmmm” from Exelby.

(Image: ABC)

Waters continued to probe: “What were you thinking about when you were looking at that pen?"

Exelby chuckled and responded, “Not a lot, I suppose."

"Look, it’s all good here today, they’re keeping me away from the pen jars, so, just focusing on the news," she added, proving she's able to navigate tough work conversations like a pro.

Just to rub it in a little more, KIIS FM also gave the reporter a welcome present: a pen. But turns out the joke is kind of on them, considering the now-famous pen at the centre of the mishap is far better travelled than we'll ever be.

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"The pen I was actually fiddling with has been all around the world. It was a special gift from the Ipswich mayor and I’ve taken it all through the Middle East and Syria and everywhere," Exelby explained.

"So I tell you what, this pen had better be pretty good if it's going to measure up."

Natasha, we wish you the best of luck in riding out 'pen-gate' until the next viral media story takes its place.

Have you ever messed up at work? How did you move on?