Natarsha Belling's "ballsy" jacket has melted the Internet.

One TV stylist’s cock-up is the Internet’s pure joy…

Ten News Australia anchor Natarsha Belling has made a ballsy on-air fashion choice over the weekend – and it did not go unnoticed by the Internet.

Belling wore the green shirt with an unusually shaped-neckline on her Weekend News segment on Sunday, presumably unaware of the hilarious opportunity it presented to dirty minds everywhere. Because it looked like a penis. Quite a lot like a penis. Complete with a zipper coming out of the tip.

Well, that was awkward: Carrie Bickmore flashes a penis drawing on TV.

A post on the UNILAD Facebook page quickly appeared, complete with a screengrab of Belling and the caption “Once you see it, you cannot unsee it.”

The image is fast becoming an enormous Internet sensation. (Not that size matters.)

“I could not continue with the marriage because of the size of his penis.’’

American news sites were particularly quick to pick up on this important breaking news, with one site called Barstool Sports (so you know they’re a reputable news outlet) running with the headline “Australian TV Personality Wore A Jacket That Made It Look Like She Had A Giant Dick On Her Chest.” Charming.

Although we do have to ask – how many stylists, make-up artists, producers and techs noticed this wardrobe faux pas and kept quiet about it?

Come on, guys. Dick move. Somebody should get the sack.

What do you think about Natarsha Belling’s outfit?