Natalie Bassingthwhaite spills on why she quit The X Factor.

We were all a bit upset when our favourite reality TV judge Natalie Bassingthwhaite quit her role as a mentor on The X Factor.

But never fear, because she’s coming back to the small screen in 2016. The actress, singer, reality TV star, children’s designer AND mother of two has decided to return to her roots, and is returning to the world of acting in Ten’s upcoming telemovie, Brock.

The biopic about Australian racing legend Peter Brock will look at his life both on and off the track, exploring his more complex and troubled side. Bassingthwhaite will be playing Julie Bamford, the girlfriend of the late racer towards the end of his life, alongside Matt Le Nevez (aka Dr Patrick from Offspring), who will be playing Peter Brock.

Natalie with her Brock co-star Matt Le Nevez. Image via Facebook.

But she says nothing has given her the same thrill as acting.

“At the end of last year, I felt like I needed a shift,” she told The Daily Telegraph, about her decision to quit The X Factor.

“I really feel like I’ve found my thing.”

It hasn’t been easy though. It’s been over five years since her last major acting role, and she had to throw herself into countless workshops and auditions.


Natalie Bassingthwhaite with Harper and Hendrix. Image via Facebook.

We’re pretty excited to see Natalie return to our TV screens, as well as all of her other ventures. We’re also very excited about two very attractive Australians acting alongside each other.

Check out the promo for Brock: The story of an Australian legend.

Video via Channel 10