A neighbour left a note about Anne's 'disgusting garden'. Here's what they didn't know.

When Melbourne woman, Anne Simpson, found an anonymous letter from a nasty neighbour in her letterbox telling her to clean up her “dirty and disgusting” front garden, she was upset.

Not only because of the note’s aggressive tone – but because the 59-year-old knows full well her property could use a clean up, for a reason her neighbour knows nothing about.

“What a pig stye (sic) disgraceful mess, the house, footpath and veranda are dirty and disgusting, I am told the house inside is filthy too. Move your pig sty to Doveton. We don’t want you here,” the note read.

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Simpson is actually a chronic pain sufferer, who constantly experiences exhaustion and struggles to find enough energy to get through the day. Given the insensitivity with which she’s been treated, the disability services carer has called on her neighbours for compassion, as chronic illnesses aren’t always neat and tidy.

“Put down your poison pen and pick up a tool or two and lend a hand,” she told the Moorabbin Glen Eira Leader of her message the unknown person who dropped off the note on October 2nd.

After taking two and a half years off work to deal with a multitude of health problems including broken bones and surgeries, returning to her usual duties has left Simpson feeling understandably tired and unable to maintain her garden after work.

While she says a family friend came to clean up the garden, for now Simpson is focusing on her health, which is ultimately far more important than some returning weeds or cardboard boxes.

“Nasty notes and judgements have never solved anyone’s problems, but random acts of kindness can and do change lives and build communities," she said.

Hear hear.

To learn more about how you can help people with disabilities, visit Epic Assist, Scope, and Australian Network on Disability.