5 things all parents know about change time.

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Meltdowns at the supermarket; conjunctivitis and resulting eye drop application; teething; nappy changes. If you’re a parent you know how great these can be and by ‘great’ I mean “they didn’t tell us about this in the pre-natal classes”. Whilst the former are infrequent events we didn’t RSVP to, the latter is almost like clockwork, except when it isn’t.

Parents-to-be: this is what we as parents all know about nappy changing – print this out and stick it just above the change table (and laminate it – see point 2)…

1. Always take more nappies than you think you’ll need.

Babies like to keep you on your toes, and by this I mean pooing in the shopping centre car park, ensuring you need to change them immediately, often times using angles unflattering to all (you; hunched over the back seat, undies displayed, them; spread eagle as you try to be very swift with the wipes). Thankfully, you can slide Huggies’ nappy-pants right up, and with re-sealable sides, you don’t have to worry about the little one wriggling out of it. Side note (and a tip from a neighbour): Huggies nappies are also fantastic at soaking up coffee and other spills in the car thanks to their Dry Touch absorbency layer – so keep some in your glove box too.


Maybe some air freshener too. Image: Giphy.

2. Nappy-free-time is great, in theory.

I think there is some advice out there that says let baby play naked for a few minutes each day so they can get to know their body. Not sure about other parents out there, but whenever my bub has had accidental nappy-free-time (i.e. he’s crawl-sprinted off mid-change, or I thought I had a nappy handy but didn’t) it’s always resulted in him taking the biggest wee ever on me, on himself, and often, somehow on our fabric couch. Even if he’s 5 metres away.

3. When the 360 rolls start, have something ‘naughty’ at the ready.

This was a tip I picked up from a girlfriend when change table WCW wrestling matches began. Something ‘naughty’ as a distraction (i.e. items you wouldn’t usually let them play with) such as mummy’s watch, phone, baby monitor screen or the like helps immensely, as do Huggies nappy-pants. Actually the latter can see the removal and replacement of a nappy so quickly (and when they’re standing) that they won’t miss one beat of the hokey pokey.


Keep them distracted. Image: iStock.

4. Super absorbent nappies are the best invention in the world (even better than if someone were to invent clothes that massaged you when you walk, and that would be AMAZING).

Think about it: reduced risk of nappy rash for bub, no middle-of-the-night leaks and resulting nappy, clothing, and bedding changes, thus a happier household in the AM. Huggies nappies – both open nappies and the nappy pants – get us through the night with their Dry Touch layer and 12hour leakage protection, so, if we went to bed at a normal time like responsible adults, we’d actually wake up feeling completely refreshed.

5. There is no greater feeling than performing a nappy change with pure grace and absolute precision.

Malcolm Gladwell says it takes more than 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to master a skill – after the same number of nappy changes (or close to) you’ll have a moment when your bub is still, smiles at you (without associated follow-through), you’ll put their nappy on like origami, and a profound movie soundtrack piece (think Snow Patrol, or U2) will accompany this amazing moment in time. You will look to see if anyone has witnessed your astonishing sense of professionalism and performance, and if not, you may then Google whether there is some kind of nappy changing championship (judged on speed and form) you clearly should enter. And on those days when you’re not reaching your personal best time (which let’s face it, is most of the time,) you’ll be glad to spend a precious few minutes making faces at your favourite little person.

What are your top nappy changing tips?