FLUFF: Naomi Watts storms out of interview about Princess Diana.


1. Don’t piss off Naomi Watts…

That’s what one BBC reporter found out when he interviewed the star before the premiere of her new biopic Diana, and she stormed out when she didn’t like a question. Simon Mayo, being every inch the modern reporter, obviously tweeted about the incident immediately:

Apparently, he doesn’t know what he did to upset ol’ Nomes either, as he replied with this when a fan asked him what happened:

Naomi at the premiere for Diana. The day after ‘walking-off-gate’.

Maybe Naomi was a little on edge about all the negative press she’s been getting since she agreed to play the People’s Princess. The royal family are refusing to acknowledge that the film exists, and Hasnat Kahn, the doctor whose relationship with Diana is the focus of the film, has slammed the whole thing as being ‘completely wrong’.

Once on the red carpet, Naomi took the opportunity to clarify what she meant when she said she can see dead people mentioned a few weeks ago that Diana had ‘given her permission’ to play her from beyond the grave, by saying it was really about ‘dreams’ and ‘energy’…


Well that definitely clears things up then.

Diana won’t be released here in Australia for another five weeks, so here’s the trailer to keep you going:


2. Scarlett Johansson‘s engagement ring might just be the most beautiful one we’ve ever seen. Click here for a close-up.

3. Angelina is here. We repeat: Angelina. Is. Here.

So, sometime early this morning Angelina Jolie snuck into the country. Cue Hysteria.

We almost have the complete set.

Someone on the plane with Angelina said she was ‘short, but beautiful.’ That’s all the official information we have so far. Make of it what you will.

The Hollywood megastar will be staying in Sydney to direct her new film, Unbroken, a historical drama set in WWII.

It’s not the first time Angelina has managed to fly down under undetected. Back in July, she made a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it trip to Sydney.

But, this time she plans to stick around a little longer, bringing kids Shiloh, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Vivienne and Knox, with plans to set up camp for 3 months.

There’s no word yet on whether Brad Pitt will be joining the group but the entire Jolie-Pitt clan Down Under at the same time will officially break the brain of every Aussie entertainment reporter. So maybe it’s safer for all involved if he keeps his distance…

4. Daniel Radcliffe gets … horny for his latest film role. See the shock pics from the supernatural flick here.

5. Karl Lagerfeld smeared Kim Kardashian’s face with jam. Nobody can tell if he’s taking the piss.


Not even the star herself knows if this was supposed to be a joke or not. But she did what she was told because KARL and because FASHION and because she’s a ‘serious’ star now who likes KARL and FASHION.

In a shoot for the CR Fashion Book (we’re assuming it’s a book about fashion, but we could be wrong), a 9-months-preggers Kim did all the crazy things photographer Karl asked her to, like wearing a gold grill and the aforementioned jam business.

Take a look at the pics and tell us if you think Karl was laughing all the way home:

6. Which fashion-savvy celebrity has announced her plans to create a plus-size clothing range? Click here to find out – and to read her high five-worthy comments.

7. Deborah-Lee Furness: “I feel like I’m always having affairs.”

Deborah-Lee Furness has revealed that there are certain benefits to being married to Hugh Jackman (besides, of course, being married to Hugh Jackman).

Furness, who has been married to Jackman for 17 years, said that one of the best things about being married to Wolverine  is that he is always changing his look, which helps to keep their love life exciting.

She told Town & Country magazine: “I like him all ways: chubby, muscly, skinny. It’s like I’m always having affairs”


Which makes sense.

Because no matter what adjective you put in front of his name, he is still Hugh Jackman.

8. Take a look inside Gisele Bundchen‘s amazing mansion… moat included. Prepare for a serious case of real estate envy. Click here to see.

9. Russell Brand becomes Basil Fawlty. We’re not sure how to feel.

Russell Brand was at the GQ Man of the Year Awards in London. This seems normal.

But before his name was called to receive The Oracle Award (which is, apparently, a thing), he had to sit through the speech of London Mayor, Boris Johnson, who made a Syria joke. When it was Rusty’s turn to give his acceptance speech, he decided to hold Boris to account for his not particularly PC joke.

And then… well. Let’s just say that it all got a bit out of hand:

10. And the highest paid female star on television is…

Sophia Vergara, with a whopping $30 MILLION last year. 30. Million. Bucks.

According to Forbes, Vergara was the winner by a looooong way, with the ladies in equal second place only sitting on $11 million. It’s not Modern Family paying out the big money though: Vergara is a BOSS when it comes to endorsement deals, having signed with Sears, Kmart, Diet Pepsi, Covergirl, a laundry detergent, an insurance company and – just because – a thyroid medication. Not even endorsement queens the Kardashians cam close to Vergara last year – they didn’t even make the top 3.

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