For Kerrin, there was only ever one choice for flower girl: her 92yo Nanna.

Kerrin Walton and her partner Jim Parker were never planning a straight-laced, traditional wedding.

With the 28-year-old Melbourne woman’s brother serving as a ‘bridesman’, the couple chose to cherish their most important relationships over custom and convention.

So when it came time to choose a flower girl for Friday’s ceremony in the Dandenong Ranges, one very special person came to mind: Walton’s 92-year-old Nanna, Alison Walter.

Speaking to Mamamia from her Thai honeymoon, Walton recalls the moment the idea came to her.

nanna as flowergirl
"She couldn't believe it." Image: Stephen Gray.

"My husband (still getting used to calling him that!) and I were discussing our bridal party, we where trying to think of a special partner for my 1.5-year-old nephew," she said.

"I looked around the room and glanced at a photo of us and my Nanna and thought that would be so sweet and perfect. Jim loved the idea too."

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The following week, she and her partner purchased a card, chocolates and a flower crown and 'popped the question' to Walter.

"She couldn't believe it," Walton said. "[She] started telling everyone in her retirement home straight away."

The makeup artist says she has always shared a special bond with her Nanna, a woman for whom she has immense admiration, a woman whom she describes as eternally positive and someone who "spreads love wherever she goes".

nanna as flowergirl
"It meant the world to me." Image: Stephen Gray.

To have her play such a central role on such a special day is something both will cherish always.

"I am so blessed to have such a beautiful, strong and loving Nanna," Walton said, "and it meant the world to me that she led the way, with rose petals, for me to marry the love of my life."

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