The 26 names most likely to get pregnant next year.

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Thought your chances of getting pregnant all came down to your health, fertility and other factors like, you know, contraception? Nope.

According to a very, ahem, ‘scientific’ formula, it’s all to do with your name — and if you’re a Claire, a Laura or an Elizabeth, it’s time to prepare yourself.

Closer have come up with a list of the 26 names most likely to get pregnant in 2016. And while it sounds like a bad horoscope, they reckon their predictions are rather sound.

Mamamia Editor-in-Chief Jamila Rizvi explains the 5 things no-one tells you about being pregnant. (Post continues after video.)

After a study found that a woman will most likely to give birth for the first time when she is 29.8 years old (precise, we know!), the magazine then worked out that to be this age, you’d have to be born between 1986 and 1987.

A quick search of the most popular female baby names of this time, et voila: a highly scientific and definitely, 100 per cent true list of the names most likely to get pregnant next year. (Post continues after gallery.)

Okay, time for quick reality check. Obviously there are far more complicated factors that influence your chance of falling pregnant, but there’s no denying it would be kind of fun if it came down to something as simple as your name.

Is your name on the list?