She's a 'Working Mum' case study, and she's nude.

News was awash with Federal Government budget coverage today.

Lots and lots of chatter and analysis about infrastructure spending, housing affordability, big bank tax hikes, random drug testing for welfare recipients and… nude working mothers.

In Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph today, the “Working Mum” Case Study was carrying a baby (tick) but then things got a little weird. She’s not wearing any clothes:

The Daily Telegraph's "working mum" case study. Sans clothing.
See? She's a certified working mum.

It's been a long time since we've seen a nude "Working Mum" talking about her reaction to Medicare changes. The last nude "Working Mum" we saw commenting on the budget was talking about the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

So we have a few questions.

  1. Is this what happens when you are paid 17.7 per cent less than a man; clothes become non-essential items?
  2. Do you prefer the word naked or nakad?
  3. Should we be worried that "body after baby" now means you have to show up on your first day back at work after maternity leave and take off your clothes to actually prove you have a body after baby?
  4. Can we have a cuddle with the baby?
  5. It's 2017. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?
Video by MWN