The cheapest way to get shiny new party shoes

Images via Instagram

If you’re heading to a themed Christmas party this silly season, then we have a nail polish trick you are going to LOVE.

Thanks to Susan Carland, Q&A panelist and founder of SBS comedy show Salam Café, you will never look at cheap shoes or nail polish in the same way again.

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The mum of two was invited to the premiere of Wicked, but the dress code was “cocktail with a dash of emerald”. The cheapest pair of shoes she could find were bright green and $110, which to Carland was unjustifiable.

Instead she bought some cheap shoes from K-Mart ($25) and a few bottles of David Jones emerald nail polish and made the most amazing shoes.

"Been invited to a fun event that has a "cocktail with a dash of emerald" dresscode. Can't find emerald shoes in stores. Closest were bright green for $110. Unjustifiable. Then, I had an idea. $25 white shoes from Kmart... #Cheapskate," captioned Susan Carland.


"A few bottles of sparkly emerald nail polish..... #CheapskatePart2," writes Carland.

"And done! Perfect fancy emerald shoes. #CheapskatePart3"


We couldn’t track down the exact shade of polish Susan used online, but you can definitely pick up a couple of glittery, festive bottles from the bargain bin at your local chemist or Priceline.

Carland tagged the images with the #cheapskate hashtag, but we think they’re more #genius.

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