Soon you'll be painting your nails with your phone

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Patterned nail art looks awesome, but if we’re being completely honest… ain’t no busy (or clumsy) gal got time for that.

Applying perfectly even stripes/leopard splotches/chevron to nails is time consuming, ridiculously fiddly and, if your hands are prone to trembling under pressure, completely infuriating. And then it starts chipping off half an hour later anyway.

But there could soon be an app that’ll do all the hard work for you. Leaving you more time for the essential activities in life, like binge-watching True Blood.

A Taiwanese student has devised a clever – nay, genius – concept called ‘Bloom Your Nails’. You affix tiny screens with in-built wireless chips to each fingernail, then, using a smartphone app, you can choose the patterns and designs you want and instantly sync them to the ‘nails’ – no mess, no stress. Kind of like the outfit selection program Cher uses in Clueless, only a million times better.

"Users can upload their own designers, and even sell them to other users," Gin Lee, the very clever inventor, explained to The Daily Mail. "Through the syncing between the app and nail, you can enrich your fingernail patterns and make sure you stand out."

The 'nails' are battery powered and need to be taken off and recharged overnight on a special stand in order to last the day. So not only do you get awesome patterned nails in a matter of seconds, the whole 'chipping' issue is done away with altogether, and there's no need to wrangle with nail polish remover.

Who do we write our cheque to?

Apparently we're not the only ones who think 'Bloom Your Nails' is the most significant development in the history of manicures - earlier this month it won a prestigious Intel award for wearable computers. And rightly so.

We're crossing our fingers, and the nails attached to them, that it'll be available ASAP. Tomorrow, ideally.