One part of Nadia Bartel's latest outfit is making her fans a little concerned.

When Nadia Bartel shares a photo of her outfit on Instagram, one thing is inevitable: her followers will swoon over it.

The Melbourne-based Chronicles of Nadia blogger has an immaculate sense of style — and is an actual stylist — so this doesn’t come as a surprise.

However, along with the usual flurry of compliments, Bartel’s latest outfit post has also prompted a little… concern from her fans. And oddly enough, it’s all to do with her feet.

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Before attending the Carji Greeves Medal with her AFL star (and newly clean-shaven) husband Jimmy Bartel last night, she snapped a quick shot of her gorgeous white Alex Perry dress, Giuseppe Zanotti metallic heels and YSL bag.

A number of her 345,000 Instagram commenters were clearly under the impression the mum of one’s strappy shoes might be a little painful on her toes.

“Oh my god you poor thing, doesn’t that hurt?” one wrote.

“Hope u have backup shoes,” another joked.

@alexperry007 ????????????????

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You know you’ve made it when perfect strangers concern themselves with the physical wellbeing of your toes.

The thing is, if the 31-year-old was in any measure of discomfort, you wouldn’t know it from the photos she shared throughout the night.

In each one she looks serene and happy — not a hint of that telltale ‘Oh God, I can’t feel my feet, knew I should have worn my thongs instead‘ grimace to be seen.

Best girls ???????? @mtaylor2303 @reneeenright @emmahawkins_ @georgialmackie @kimmylonergan but missing a few

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And besides, who could feel anything less than fabulous in a dress with structured shoulders and sleeves like that?

As one commenter put it, “I have been crushing on this [look] all day.”

Yep, same here, to be quite honest.

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