The 6 biggest myths the world believes about Australia.

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Oh, non-Australians.

You make us laugh with all your silly thoughts about what us Aussies are like and how we do things. Especially when it comes to what we do in summer.

Let me tell you something – all those stereotypes about life in the land of golden sand, perfect waves and blue sky are a little off. In fact, everything is WAY better.

So I’m going to clear up a few myths.

(Warning: You may be feel a sudden urge of jealousy that you aren’t here with us. That’s okay. It’s completely natural).

Myth 1: Surfing is a requirement for citizenship.

You’ll be grateful to know that we won’t deny you a visa if you can’t surf. Most Aussies, like myself, have at least given it a go. But most of us probably ended up spending more time snorting salt water than actually standing on the board.

Knowing how to swim, however, is a requirement. Between the beaches and pools, if you don’t know how to swim… well… you will pretty much have nothing to do in summer.

myths about australia
Most Aussie’s have given surfing a go. Image via iStock.

Myth 2: Between the jellyfish that can kill you, the crocodiles that live in salt water and the sharks that are just hanging out on every beach… you can’t swim.

Don’t worry… those animals are trained to only focus on tourists. Kidding. Really, I’m kidding.

Sure, there are salt water crocs in parts of Australia, and for a couple of months those damn jellyfish take over the beaches in the north. But other than that, the water is fairly safe.

Yes, there are sharks, but you are more likely to be injured trying to capture that perfect envy-inducing selfie than be bitten by a shark. Plus, our hot Chris Hemsworth lifeguards are pretty good at spotting them when they are in the area and warning swimmers.

Myth 3: All our life guards (and men in general) look like Chris Hemsworth.

I wish.

But don’t worry, we have plenty of hot men that don’t look like Chris, but have equally sexy accents.

myths about australia
“I wish.” Image via Thor.

Myth 4: What summer? Isn’t it always summer in Australia?

Hey, we do have winter. Sure, the only snow blizzards that we experience are isolated to a couple of small mountains in the south east of the country, but it gets cold enough to wear the fake fur vests in winter.

So when summer rolls around with its 30 degree Celsius days, we are grateful. Yes, sometimes the temperatures get crazy hot, but that’s where a good quality lilo and beverage of choice becomes the best summer purchase ever.

Myth 5: Australians love nothing more than sun baking.

Hold up there. Sure, most of us have a better tan than our British and Irish ancestors, but we are more sun safe than most of the world. We are a lover of sunscreen, wide brimmed hats and umbrellas.

There is nothing less sexy than this:

Myth 6: We all have shrimp on the barbie for Christmas.

First of all, it’s Chrissy. Second of all, what on earth is a shrimp?

Just because we don’t have snow, doesn’t mean we miss out on a white Christmas. We have white sandy beaches with clear blue water. We have prawns, usually cold because it’s way too hot to get the barbie fired up.

We also aren’t cooped up inside because of the plummeting temperatures. Instead, we are hanging out in the water eating watermelon and mangoes after a big Christmas lunch.

There you have it. The real Aussie summer. I told you that you would be jealous…

What myths about Australian summer have you busted?

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