The hashtag that's sending a powerful message to Steve Price.

The mic drop moment on last night’s Q&A in which panelist Van Badham shutdown media personality Steve Price for brushing her off as being “hysterical” has inspired a powerful social media movement.

The panelists entered a heated argument about domestic violence and cultural attitudes to the treatment of women, in which Price downplayed the remarks of Eddie McGuire and Sam Newman about drowning football journalist Caroline Wilson as “just jokes made by a bunch of blokes”.

Van Badham and Steve Price discuss domestic violence on Q&A. Post continues after video…

As Guardian columnist Badham continued to point out the problem with Price’s position in tackling violence against women, he grew increasingly agitated.

Then came Price’s comment that drew appalled gasps from the audience: “I think you’re just being hysterical” — a textbook, sexist insult.

But Badham had a swift and resonating response: “It’s probably my ovaries making me do it, Steve.”

Boom tish. Comeback of the year.

And so was born the #myovariesmademe hashtag, which has been trending on Twitter in Australia in solidarity with Badham.

We’ve collected some of the best tweets so far.

There were poignant messages about gender equality and domestic violence.


And tongue-in-cheek tweets from women feeling very WTF about hysteria still being used as an insult in 2016.


There were personal stories.


And there was this image circulating, of which we 110 per cent approve.