The 2017 My Kitchen Rules champions have just been crowned.

WARNING: This post includes spoilers. So maybe come back later if the MKR finale hasn’t screened in your state yet.

After a season that’s lasted roughly one million years, the grand final of My Kitchen Rules finally dropped on Sunday night.

Capping off weeks of tears, jeers and way too many plate smears, the last showdown was a Queensland family affair — with siblings Amy and Tyson going head-to-head with mother and daughter team Valerie and Courtney.

SHOWDOWN. (Image: Channel 7)

The two teams endured a five course cook-off, cheered on by their fellow contestants and family members.

As if that wasn't stressful enough, both teams — unbeknownst to one another — opted to make versions of pea soup for the second course. Disaster!

Soup aside, the meals dished up by the two teams included a Samosa Crisp with Chat, Parmesan and Truffle Mousse with Mushroom, Butter Poached Marron with Jerusalem Artichoke and Rhubarb, and Pistachio Kulfi.

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It was a long finale, but there was plenty going on — shaking hands, tears, two 10/10 scores from the judges, Manu waxing lyrical about sauce (although that happens just about every night)... the lot.

In the end, to nobody's great surprise, it was Amy and Tyson who took out the title — "a dream come true," as Amy described it.

"This is just the beginning, I can't wait to see what the next chapter is going to be," Tyson chimed in.