Why fans are fuming about the MKR Final.

Cries of cheating, bullying and fakery are firing up My Kitchen Rules fans on the day of the Grand Final. 

Tonight over 3 million Australians are expected to watch WA’s Chloe & Kelly and SA’s Jess & Bree battle it out to win $250,000 on the My Kitchen Rules Grand Final. But even as it goes to  air, the show is a victim of an attempted boycott.

The Boycott MKR Grand Final 2014 Facebook page now has 718 ‘likes’ and the fan behind the page, Stephen Vasil, has made his feelings about the show very clear:

I saw this program tonight and could not believe the intimidation by Chloe and Kelly towards the twins. But after what I saw tonight, I was shocked that it went to air. And I regret that I ever did watch MKR. I hope this program finishes and becomes axed… Why do we try to stamp out bullying and intimidation and have channel 7 promote this just to get ratings. I regret watching this tonight along with many other viewers, including children. I HOPE MKR GETS AXED.

From left, finalists Kelly, Chloe, Jess, Bree and eliminated contestants Vikki and Helena.

Chloe has spoken out in defence of how they have been portrayed, telling News Ltd, “What you haven’t seen is the relationship develop and the rivalry develop,” she said. “We do a lot of work with the twins, a lot of promotions and publicity. If it was horrible between us then we wouldn’t be enjoying ourselves. We’re all grown-ups.”

The main reasons fans are fuming about the final are:

1. They feel the best cooks aren't in the Grand Final. A lot of good cooks have been sent home, all because they did badly on the day due to stress and mistakes resulting from the  pressure. It may not be the best cooks in the grand final, it's the cooks who performed the best as per the rules of the show;

2. They feel Chloe & Kelly are bullies. The girls have earned themselves 'mean girl' status with some of the comments they've made about the food, particularly towards rivals Vikki & Helena who have since been eliminated. They've joked that the twins share 'one brain' and cackled as the twins made major mistakes while making their ice cream, including not using the ice cream maker properly;


3. They think the shows are 'rigged'. Fans have been discussing on Facebook and Twitter claims that challenges are skewed to favour certain teams and have argued heatedly over how judges have scored the dishes of favoured contestants. They've even alleged the so-called 'blind tastings' aren't blind at all, with all judges knowing exactly which team has cooked which dish.

We doubt the fan boycott with affect the ratings, with finalists set to be reunited with loved ones who will cheer along as the teams cook up a storm and battle it out to win the prize money and take out the crown of My Kitchen Rules winner for 2014.

May the best team win.

Who do you think will win the MKR Grand Final tonight? Do you think the show is rigged?

Check out some of the outraged Twitter posts following each semi-final: