Former My Kitchen Rules favourite talks about finding love.

Happy news for former My Kitchen Rules favourite Matt Newell.

Matt Newell, a 22-year-old Tasmanian who tackled My Kitchen Rules last year with his Dad Mick, has spoken about coming out and falling in love. Since the popular duo hung up their aprons, Matt says he went on a journey of self discovery and decided to come out to his close family and friends.

“I’ve always had an inkling I was gay, but it wasn’t until the end of last year that I fully came to the conclusion and accepted who I was,” Matt told Woman’s Day. “During MKR, my sexuality wasn’t something I was prepared to talk about with other people because I was still working out who I was. But once I knew I was gay, I didn’t want to hide it.”

Matt and Mick on MKR.

But Matt was “extremely nervous” about sharing the news to his nearest and dearest and according to his father Mick, it was a huge surprise.

Mick recalls, “It felt like being hit with a sledgehammer. When I was on my own in the car, it really hit me. I couldn’t stop crying for a good ten minuted. But I had to think about how Matt was feeling. Sexuality does not define a person. He is an amazing kid and a decent, honest person who I am so proud of.”

Matt says he is "happier than ever" with his boyfriend Jackon Tegg, 24. “I had that starry-eyed moment,” he says of meeting Jackson. “But it took a few weeks of getting to know each other to really feel the love that I feel now. “He’s moving in with me as of next week and everything is telling me he’s The One for me.”

Congratulations, Matt!

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